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The Business Of Traveler Wellness
Certified Program For Travel Agents

Two Programs One Goal...

to make your competition irrelevant, upsell to every single client, increase revenue from every single booking, build your clients loyalty and advocacy for life without information overload

Self - Study
Online Program

Online + Group Coaching Program


  • Online course 59 hours/10 modules (Value $675)
  • 8 Guides (Value $600)
  • Affiliate Program (PRICELESS!)
  • ​Social media library of banners (Value $120)
  • BONUS: 12 monthly group coaching classes (Value $600)

​(or 3 payments of $189)

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  • Online course 59 hours/10 modules (Value $675)
  • 8 Guides (Value $600)
  • 2 Sessions 1:1 with Edyta (Value $500)
  • Affiliate Program (Value PRICELESS!)
  • Social media library of banners (Value $120)
  • 8 Weekly group coaching sessions (Value $800)
  • ​12 Monthly Masterclasses for your clients (Value $2,500)
  • The Vault (Value $997)
  • ​​Access to Edyta via email and on calls (PRICELESS)
  • Traveler Wellbeing Certificate! 
  • BONUS: 12 Monthly group coaching classes (Value $600)
  • BONUS: 12 Months feature on (Value $1,200)
  • For top 10 Affiliates: Presentation to our travelers! (PRICELESS)

(or 3 payments of $365)

These programs are good for you if you Want To...

  • Understand what traveler wellbeing really is all about. It is not a trip to a health spa once a year or a yoga retreat
  • Compete and stay ahead of your competition every single day
  • Upsell to every single client
  • Make money from clients even though they already got back home
  • Increase revenue by selling added value service that are NOT insurance, transportation or activities
  • Optimize revenue from groups
  • Build your client loyalty and advocacy for life
  • Make people’s most important life events even more memorable
  • Acquire a new skill set

Meet The Coach, Edyta Satchell



I believe I know some things about you and your current situation...
I know you're a busy travel advisor who is looking for more clients, more referrals, adding value programs and more. You also understand that your clients want more than travel bookings. They are looking to be healthy and well during their trips as well. You frequently wonder how you can you stay ahead of your competition, how can you be different, right? 
I know it because I wanted it too!

Currently, you are blaming your busy schedule on everything that you want and that you don’t have, right?
Trust me! I did it too! Therefore, I am putting this program into your hand, because I KNOW, it will change your business! Select one option and watch your business grow all year long and not only during the busy season!


  • ​Credibility: I spent 20 years in the travel industry working with travel advisors. So, I know you, your needs and how you feel. I also know how your clients feel as I traveled a lot on business and leisure resulting in frequent sickness, 30 pounds overweight, exhaustion, headaches, and feeling lonely and miserable
  • Authority: After 20 years in the travel industry, I became a Certified Health Coach who created bulletproof wellness program for travelers and travel advisors. My Beauty And The Travel Beast book was mentioned frequently mentioned on TV 
  • Benefit: Start now as every day is a lost opportunity to happy, healthy and productive business life
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Edyta has been Interviewed on TV over 40 times!
Here are just 3 of Them (More on SM @edytasatchell)

Edyta's latest Book: beauty and the travel beast

Beauty And The Travel Beast Book

Discover over 20 secrets of looking and feeling 10 years younger when you travel

  • ​Discover over 20 secrets to looking and feeling 10 years younger when you travel.
  • ​Eliminate the Ugly Truth about travel: bad breath, frequent gas, fatigue, excess body weight, puffiness, aging and other things no one want to talk about.
  • ​Create your own Youthfulness Itinerary for every trip you take... it is NOT what you think!

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