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Traveler Wellbeing
Certification Program For Travel Advisors

Two Programs One Goal...

to make your competition irrelevant, upsell to every single client, increase revenue from every single booking, build your clients loyalty and advocacy for life without information overload

Self - Study Prep For  

Online + Group Coaching Certification Program

how can I become a certified travel agent in wellness


  • Online course 12 hours / 10 modules (reg. price $675)
  • 8 Guides (reg. price $600)
  • 1 Business coaching sessions 1:1 (reg. price $250)
  • Affiliate Program (priceless as you earn money)
  • ​Social media library of banners (reg. price $120)
  • BONUS: 12 monthly group coaching classes (reg. price $1,200)

​(or 3 payments of $189
or 6 payments of $110)

how can I become a certified travel agent in wellness


  • Online course 12 hours/10 modules (reg. price $675)
  • 8 Guides (reg. price $600)
  • 2 Business coaching sessions 1:1 (reg. price $500)
  • Affiliate Program (priceless as you earn money)
  • Social media library of banners (reg. price $120)
  • 8 Weekly group coaching sessions (reg. price $800)
  • ​12 Monthly Masterclasses for your clients (reg. price $2,500)
  • The Knowledge Vault (reg. price $997)
  • ​​Access to Edyta via email and on calls (priceless)
  • Traveler Wellbeing Certificate! (priceless)
  • BONUS 1: 12 Monthly group coaching classes (reg.price $1,200)
  • BONUS 2: 12 Months feature on (reg. price $1,200)
  • For top 10 Affiliates: Presentation to Finelle travelers! (priceless)

(or 3 payments of $365
or 12 payments of $110)

WHAT You Will Learn?

  • Sales And Marketing Mastery in Traveler Wellbeing
  • Master effective sales and marketing strategies, create compelling sales and talking points. Learn techniques to boost client engagement, increase sales, and establish a strong online presence
  • Benefits: Strengthens client relationships and loyalty through targeted marketing efforts, leading to increased sales and sustained business success. Drives business growth by enhancing your ability to market your services effectively and attract new clients

  • Master Emotional Wellness
  • Delve into emotional wellness, learning to define it and recognize its impact on travel. Modules cover key topics such as understanding states of being, overcoming limiting beliefs, making powerful decisions, and the benefits of gratitude
  • Benefits: Enhances your advisory services by offering support that extends beyond logistics, fostering deeper client relationships and repeat business. Equips you to address the emotional needs of your clients, helping them manage stress and enjoy more fulfilling travel experiences

  • Innovative Beauty And Vitality "Itineraries"
  • Learn to create detailed beauty and vitality itineraries that align with travel plans, including booking tips, smart packing, destination research, and customized beauty and nutrition advice. Tailor these itineraries to the specific needs of travelers, considering factors like destination, demographics, travel goals and more
  • Benefits: Increases client satisfaction and loyalty by providing personalized, holistic travel planning that meets their unique needs and preferences. Offers a unique, value-added service that differentiates you from competitors and attracts clients looking for comprehensive travel experiences

  • Travel Related Illness Expertise
  • Study common illnesses that affect travelers, such as jet lag, traveler’s diarrhea, and respiratory infections, and understand their causes. Learn preventive measures and health tips to mitigate these risks, ensuring your clients stay healthy while traveling
  • Benefits: Establishes you as a knowledgeable advisor in travel health, making you a go-to resource for clients concerned about staying healthy on their trips. Reduces client complaints and dissatisfaction related to travel illness, enhancing the overall success and enjoyment of their travel experiences

  • Before Travel Preparation That Goes Beyond Booking a Trip
  • Gain expertise in conducting non-traditional pre-travel research related to health and wellness. Learn smart packing techniques, successful travel booking strategies including the right aircraft type selection, putting your traveler in the right seat and more. Explore pre-travel beauty and vitality routines, nutrition tips, and information on managing radiation exposure during flights
  • Benefits: Prepares clients thoroughly for their trips, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience from start to finish that goes beyond your traditional booking tasks. Highlights your attention to detail and comprehensive service, increasing client confidence and satisfaction

  • During Travel Best Practices
  • Learn to identify and avoid contamination zones, manage in-flight nutrition, and maintain hydration and skin protection with unique tips like "eating your water" and "eating your sunscreen". Get insights on helping your clients ordering healthy meals, combating jet lag, managing beauty routines, and maintaining dental and physical wellness during travel
  • Benefits: Enhances clients’ travel experience by providing practical advice for maintaining health and well-being on the go. Sets your services apart by addressing often-overlooked aspects of travel health, leading to higher client satisfaction and repeat business

  • Post-Travel Recovery
  • Guidance on post-travel beauty routines for healthy skin, identifying skin types, and implementing anti-aging practices. Learn about effective beauty products, managing post-travel nutrition, and maintaining wellness after returning home
  • Benefits: Ensures clients recover quickly and maintain their well-being after their trips, leading to greater satisfaction and likelihood of booking future travel with you. Demonstrates your commitment to holistic care, positioning you as a preferred travel advisor who provides value beyond the trip itself

  • Master Social Media Presence 
  • Utilize social media as a powerful tool to attract new clients and nurture existing relationships. Create fresh, engaging, and interesting content to captivate your audience. Learn how to position yourself effectively on various social media platforms
  • Benefits: Build a loyal community of followers who trust your expertise and seek your services. Establish yourself as a go-to expert in traveler well-being, attracting more clients. Increase visibility and reach in the competitive travel industry

These programs are good for you if you Want To...

  • Understand what traveler wellbeing really is all about. It is not a trip to a health spa once a year or a yoga retreat
  • Compete and stay ahead of your competition every single day
  • Upsell to every single client
  • Make money from clients even though they already got back home
  • Increase revenue by selling added value service that are NOT insurance, transportation or activities
  • Optimize revenue from groups
  • Build your client loyalty and advocacy for life
  • Make people’s most important life events even more memorable
  • Acquire a new skill set

WHO is this program good for?

  • Agency Owners and Managers: Owners and managers of travel agencies aiming to upskill their team members, improve overall service quality, and drive business growth through enhanced client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Independent Travel Consultants: Independent consultants looking to strengthen their advisory services, attract more clients, and build a strong personal brand in the competitive travel industry
  • Specialized Niche Advisors: Agents focusing on niche markets or specialized travel segments (e.g., luxury travel, adventure tourism) who wish to expand their service offerings and cater to the growing demand for wellness-focused travel experiences
  • Experienced Travel Agents: Seasoned professionals with years of experience in the industry who seek to enhance their expertise, stay updated on the latest trends, and differentiate themselves in the market
  • New Industry Entrants: Individuals who are just starting their journey in the travel advisory field and are eager to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills from the outset

WHY is this program a must?

  • Stay Competitive: In an increasingly competitive travel industry, staying ahead requires continuous learning and innovation. This program equips travel agents with the latest knowledge and skills to stand out from the crowd
  • Expand Service Offerings: With a focus on traveler wellness, agents can diversify their service offerings to include niche markets such as wellness travel, attracting new clientele and expanding their business opportunities
  • Maximize Sales Potential: By understanding the connection between traveler well-being and overall travel experiences, agents can upsell additional services such as wellness retreats, spa packages, and health-focused activities, maximizing their sales potential
  • Future-Proof Your Career: With an increasing emphasis on health and wellness in travel, agents who are certified in traveler well-being are better positioned to thrive in the future of the industry and remain relevant amidst shifting consumer preferences
  • Build Trust and Loyalty: By demonstrating expertise in traveler well-being, agents can build trust and loyalty with clients who prioritize their health and safety, fostering long-term relationships and positive word-of-mouth referrals


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how can I become a traveler wellness travel agent with edyta satchell and finelle


Edyta Satchell

As a seasoned travel advisor, you understand the challenges travelers face in staying healthy on the go. Many clients are eager to maintain their wellness while traveling but often don't know where to start. You’ve likely seen them struggle to balance enjoying their journey with staying fit and well.

With the Traveler Wellbeing Certification Program, you can become an expert in integrating wellness into travel. This program provides you with effective strategies and insights to help your clients maintain their health and vitality during their trips. By mastering these techniques, you can offer personalized advice and create enriching travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

​Equip yourself with the knowledge to guide your clients to a healthier and happier travel experience. Join the program today and transform the way you plan trips, ensuring wellness is a key component of every journey
Edyta Satchell

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