How To Look Academy Awards Perfect On The Road

Friday, February 17, 2023

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How to look Academy Awards Perfect on the road

It is Academy Awards next month, where the parade of gorgeous movie stars and other notable actors strut their stuff down the red carpet. Part of the appeal is getting to view all of the amazing outfits that the ladies, in particular, wear to the ceremony. But something we also notice is how perfect their skin looks!

While most of us realize that these ladies get a lot of help in the skin department, it reminds us that we too, strive to keep our skin looking fresh and clean. However, when we travel, it is especially challenging to keep our skin healthy on the road. What can you do to get your glow back during travel? Here are the 3 steps to follow:

Eat non-traditional foods for a natural ‘face lift’

We are always looking for ways to rejuvenate and get our skin’s natural elasticity and glow back without the “surgical lift.” Sure, you can contribute to the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry by buying yet another expensive product. However, you can save some money and focus on long term results by “consuming” your beauty products, especially if you are on a budget.

Nuts and seeds — few people realize that these foods support collagen production. Almonds may well be the one of the most perfect foods for your skin. The protein content in almonds supports collagen production, and they are full of skin-friendly vitamins, such as B1, B5, B6, E, calcium, copper, and zinc.

Sea Vegetables and Algae — they detoxify the body by helping to remove heavy metals. They clean, tone, and moisturize the skin, uplift the mood, and prevent premature aging. You may have noticed that more beauty products include algae; it is for that very reason! The next time you are shopping, look for kelp, Chlorella, or Spirulina powders. I add them every day to my morning smoothie.

Superfoods — they pack a double punch by acting as both medicine and food. They can be added into your meals to give your body a tremendous cell repair, enhance free- radical elimination, promote hormone balancing, and ultimately better sleep, which results in a beautiful, glowing exterior. Top superfoods include: acai, goji berries, aloe vera, avocado, cacao (yes! Cacao is a superfood), coconut oil, hemp seeds and seed oil, honey, maca, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, and spirulina. Some of these may already in your pantry! What’s more, goji berries and pumpkin seeds are very travel friendly and make for a great snack by themselves.
Create your own inflight beauty and youthfulness routine
Every female traveler should have a beauty and every man should have a youthfulness routine specific and customized just for the plane. It should include refreshing, re-hydrating, and calming your skin. It is essential for every red-eye flight. You should either put an extra layer of your favorite face cream before your flight or apply sheet mass during your flight (yes, on the plane). If you don’t like to do so, then you should at least wear an under eye moisturizing patches!

The lack of such a routine is a big no-no. It’s a reason why your oily skin is even more oily and your dry skin is even drier and more flakey. We need to understand what worsens our skin on the plane. It is the air humidity on the plane! It’s at the level of 20%, while the norm is 60-80%. So, let’s start planning our trip like we plan our wardrobe. Let’s not mistake a glowy skin with an oily skin and if you wonder how to get ready, here is the Essential travel toolkit for everyone $9 (Value of $1,000+)

Limit the intake of your favorite adult beverage on the plane

It’s always nice to treat ourselves to our favorite alcoholic drink during the flight, right? However, we experience lightheadedness on the plane much faster after having just one glass of wine. The reason why is quite simple. Our body reacts differently to alcohol consumption on the ground and up in the air.

At 35,000 feet, the air pressure is lower on the plane. This impacts our ability to absorb oxygen, which is called hypoxia. Generally, hypoxia is not a problem. However, the lower level of oxygen in your body makes you feel more drunk in the air than if you consumed the same amount on the ground. That, coupled with the low humidity, gives the diuretic effect of drinking alcohol to make you feel dehydrated even faster. As we all know, dehydration is not our skin’s best friend.

In addition, keep in mind that if you have any skin allergies or problems, alcohol consumption on the plane will worsen your skin condition. For example, people with psoriasis need to avoid red wine. So, while high up in the sky drink a lot but only water and non-alcoholic, sugar free drinks. Your skin will reward you with a beautiful glow.

If you want to know how to improve your health for radiant skin, contact Edyta today at for a free strategy session. She will help you create your health and wellness strategies before, during and after travel so that you can have happy, healthy and productive travel..

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