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"How to eliminate the physical, emotional & health exhaustion during travel WITHOUT the decision overload!

in just 1 trip-it is NOT what you think!"

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If you could only imagine...

Traveling comfortably without stress and anxiety and almost like you are telereported from one place to the other... wouldn't this be nice?

Have you ever been on vacation an wanted to go back home before your tips was over? 
Have you ever felt like everything is upside down when you travel i.e. your sleeping, eating, going to the toilet...?
Have you ever experienced decision fatigue?It can be overwhelming figuring out public transportation, directions, what to pack, how not to over or under pack, what you want to see, eat, experience!   

What if you could eliminate all of it and take away the fear of...

- Getting lost at the airport, in your destination, and even in the hotel 
- Getting old (yes, we do age faster when we travel!)
- Getting sick (stomach issues, traveler diarrhea, vomiting, migraines, and other)
- Gaining weight (yes, we gain 1-3 pound a one week trip, every single time!)
- Experiencing bad breath, frequent gas, puffiness and swollen ankles
- Making destination decisions based on proximity of a hospital
- Figuring everything out on your own 
- Making wrong decisions that will jeopardize the entire trip
- Hanging out in your hotel room in the afternoons and evenings because you just can't make another decision about it where to go  
- Overwhelm, stress and anxiety and thinking about all these things that could possible go wrong
and many more?

Eliminating these UGLY truths about travel WITHOUT the exhaustion and decision overload is real!

On this FREE webinar we'll:
- Show you what the UGLY truth about travel really is. You will be surprised!
- Debunk the myths of health and wellness before, during, and after travel.
- Show you how to create your own health, beauty and vitality itinerary that corresponds to your travel itinerary
AND most importantly we will discover these three secrets:

Secret #1

"How to eliminate stress and anxiety during travel with just 1 rule that is super easy to follow... It's NOT what you think"

Secret #2

"Learn what 99% of travelers don't know about losing weight without starvation and optimizing their health by following this one "Clock"

Secret #3

"Eliminate this 1 mistake, that everybody make that will ruin your entire trip - It's definitely NOT what you think."

So, if you think that you know how to travel, that you are always healthy and well, and that you don't need this, THINK TWICE!

This webinar is perfect for you, if you want to...


  • ​The fear of getting lost
  • ​Stress and anxiety
  • ​The decision fatigue 
  • ​Guessing 
  • Body aches (hip, back, feet)
  • ​Stomach / digestive problems
  • ​The feeling you have to have your guard up 

Prepare for...

  • ​Any type of emergencies (lost luggage/cancelled flight, medical other)
  • Different climates and time zones
  • ​Unexpected 
  • ​More activities without fear
  • ​Slowing down and enjoying your trip

Learn how to...

  • ​Travel comfortably
  • ​Never get sick again
  • ​Deal with jetlag without medication
  • ​Eat without consequences
  • ​Save money 
  • ​Book your travel with health in mind
  • ​Pack smart
  • ​Do beauty routines  on the plane 


Hi, I'm Edyta!
I'd like to invite you to this unique webinar that you won't find anywhere else because I know more about you than you think...
I know you're a busy, health oriented traveler who wants to enjoy travel without stress and anxiety, body pains, overthinking and eliminate the ugly truth about travel have.

Do you think you know it all about travel? Really? Think again! I used to think it too and yet I packed the same beauty bag at every single trip... as a matter of fact I never took it out and now I know it is a huge no no!

If you need help to be healthy and well when you travel and especially when you think you know it all, you need to attend this free webinar. BUT, you need to hurry. I am very much into a very personal touch and this webinar is only for 10 special people who really want to be healthy and well when they travel!

So, if you are that special person, please register now and it will be my honor to personally support you!
I hope to see you there!
Ah, yes, one more thing... here is why you should trust me:

My credibility: I was where you are now and I know how it feels (20 years of executive frequent travel with sickness, 30 pounds overweight, exhaustion, headaches, and feeling lonely and miserable)
My authority: I'm a Certified Health Coach who created bulletproof wellness programs for travelers and my I gave over 40 TV interviews, check my video now!


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  • ​Discover over 20 secrets to looking and feeling 10 years younger when you travel.
  • ​Eliminate the Ugly Truth about travel: bad breath, frequent gas, fatigue, excess body weight, puffiness, aging and other things no one want to talk about.
  • ​Create your own Youthfulness Itinerary for every trip you take... it is NOT what you think!

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