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The Ultimate 12-Month Calendar With Over 2,000 Social Media Post Ideas 

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12 Months Social Media Calendar
Over 2,000 social media posts ideas

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Get Our 12-Month Social Media Calendar  

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Introducing the ultimate solution for travel advisors: the 12-month Social Media Wellness Calendar!
This comprehensive calendar isn't just your ordinary scheduling tool; it's a meticulously crafted resource designed to streamline your social media content creating and planning process while elevating your online presence!

The 12-Month Calendar


  • ​Over 100 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta Satchell


  • ​Over 110 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 100 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta Satchell


  • ​Over 100 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 100 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 170 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 100 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 120 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 360 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 360 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 190 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell


  • ​Over 120 social media post ideas
emotional wellness by Edyta satchell

Here is what's included...

It's a comprehensive and transformative social media journey designed to enhance your presence and grow your business!

  • Monthly, Weekly, Special Days, and Holidays: Dive into each month with a detailed breakdown of notable dates, including special days and holidays celebrated worldwide
  • Themed Content for Holidays: For every holiday, discover a carefully curated theme and subtheme tailored to resonate with your audience's wellness journey
  • Link to More Information: Seamlessly access additional insights and details about each holiday from trusted sources like www.nationaldaycalendar.com
  • Social Media Post Ideas: Say goodbye to writer's block! Unlock a treasure trove of post ideas specifically crafted to align with the 10 dimensions of traveler wellbeing, catering not only to travelers but also to individuals seeking holistic well-being in their everyday lives
  • Traveler Wellbeing in Focus: Whether it's physical, emotional, or environmental wellness, each post idea is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of travelers, ensuring a seamless integration of wellness into their journeys
  • Ready-to-Use Calendar: No more hours spent on research and brainstorming! With this calendar, travel agents have instant access to a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution that simplifies content planning and saves valuable time

Why This Is Good For You...

This is more than just yet another calendar, it's a powerful tool...

  • Efficiency: By providing a comprehensive library of post ideas and themes, the calendar streamlines content creation, allowing travel advisors to focus their time and energy on other crucial aspects of their business
  • Consistency: With a pre-planned schedule at their fingertips, travel advisors can maintain a consistent online presence, enhancing brand visibility and engagement with their audience
  • Relevance: By aligning content with wellness dimensions and traveler wellbeing, travel agents can establish themselves as trusted authorities in the industry, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of their audience
  • Engagement: Engage with followers on a deeper level by offering valuable insights and resources related to wellness, fostering meaningful connections and driving customer loyalty
  • Endless Freshness: Access over 2,000 social media and blog post ideas to keep your content fresh, engaging, and relevant. With an abundance of ideas at your fingertips, you'll never run out of inspiration, ensuring your audience stays captivated and coming back for more
  • Uniquely Engaging Topics: Stand out from the crowd with unique topics that spark intrigue and resonate deeply with your audience. From offbeat travel wellness destinations, tips, explorations to innovative travel perspectives, these distinct themes set you apart as a trendsetter in your industry, fostering stronger connections and attracting new clients



Click on the images and add the product links to the posts. For more product ideas go to www.finelle.com/traveler-wellbeing-shop

wellness by Edyta Satchell

Traveler wellbeing book

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Healthy snacks

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Luggage trackers

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Tray table covers

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Gas absorbing underwear 

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Face sheet masks 



In the whirlwind of your busy, high-achieving life, I recognize the desire for a harmonious blend of beauty, health, confidence, productivity, success, and perhaps a touch of timeless vitality. I've walked that path too and understand the challenges that come with it.

​That's why I'm extending a personal invitation to embark on a transformative journey with our 10 Dimensions of Wellness Program. As someone who has navigated similar aspirations, I believe this program holds the key to enhancing your self-awareness, resilience, and overall wellbeing. Join us in unlocking a more fulfilling and balanced life.

  • ​Credibility: I was where you are now and I know how it feels (20 years of executive frequent travel with sickness, 30 pounds overweight, exhaustion, headaches, and feeling lonely and miserable) 
  • AuthorityI'm a Certified Health Coach who created bulletproof wellness program for travelers and my ebook Beauty And The Travel Beast was mentioned over 40 times on TV 
  • Benefit: Start now investing into your health and wellness before, during, and after travel as every day is a lost opportunity to happy, healthy and productive travel life
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Beauty And The Travel Beast Book

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  • ​Discover over 20 Secrets to looking and feeling 10 years younger when you travel.
  • ​Eliminate the Ugly Truth about travel: bad breath, frequent gas, fatigue, excess body weight, puffiness, aging and other things no one want to talk about.
  • ​Create your own Youthfulness Itinerary for every trip you take... it is NOT what you think!
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